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The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Each day we all are trying to stay healthy and make good choices for our bodies. With every day that passes, however, there seems to be a new “latest trend” or article about a new diet. Many of these crazies pass within a few days or months after their creation. We’re all looking for the best supplies for our bodies, so we keep trying different ideas as they arise. While many items fluctuate in popularity and effectiveness, one thing that has stayed consistent is drinking tea, green in particular. Green tea has an impressive list of benefits that make it a regular resident on menus of health-conscious readers.

Green Tea & Weight Loss

Many people assume that drinking tea over coffee and other drinks results in fewer calories. For this to be true, it depends on what is added to the coffee or tea, like milk and sugar. However, tea has fewer calories than it’s higher caffeinated cousin coffee. For this reason, green tea is highly effective in weight loss and maintenance, green tea in particular. Many things are plaguing the markets with claims of weight loss magic. Green tea is a natural supplement that can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Bring Down That Blood Pressure!

Our lives are incredibly fast-paced and strenuous. No matter what type of lives we lead, stress and angst are always close behind. Whenever we become too stressed, high blood pressure is sure to be waiting around the corner. Pair that up with the blood pressure epidemic that is sweeping the nation, and we have a huge problem. It is a good thing drinking green tea promotes heart health and lowering blood pressure. A recent study showed that drinking the natural elixir could lower our chances of getting high blood pressure by 50 percent. This alone should turn all of us to the most natural and oldest form of tea in history.

Got A Stuffy Nose? Have A Cup

With spring quickly approaching, allergies are becoming more and more of a problem. While many over-the-counter medicines do the trick, many leave us feeling drowsy. Green tea packs a double punch in fighting allergies. We get a kick from the caffeine while also benefitting from its antiallergenic assets. There is evidence that the antioxidants in green tea block a cell receptor that causes allergic reactions. Not only is it a tasty drink, but it can also help with us breathing strong again.

If you want to read more on the benefits green tea can have on headaches, cancer, bad breath, and more check out this link! Let us know how you use green tea for your health below!

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