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Being Left-handed In A Right-Handed World

The world we live in is mostly geared for those who are right-handed. There are right-handed scissors, notebooks, and school desks geared for right-handed people, much to my frustration and dismay, and even most individuals use the computer mouse on the right side to name a few things. But if you’re lucky enough to be a southpaw like me, there are particular challenges and benefits you experience when it comes to operating in a right-handed world.

Going Left When Others Go Right

First and foremost, if you are a southpaw, nearly everyone else in the world does everything completely opposite of us. This puts us at more risk for accidents and early life mortality. It makes sense; if most people are going right and we are going left, we are going to run into each other. Left-handed scissors are rare; in fact, I had to learn to use right-handed scissors and still use them to this day. I even learned how to throw and use a computer mouse with my right hand although I later learned that I throw better with my left hand.

The Small Community of Left-Handers

However, being a southpaw can put us at an advantage should we end up in a fight and need to us our left hook. Left-handers also tend to be more creative. We flock together and seem to notice when the seemingly few of us use a pen or pencil as a lefty. Our paper might turn slightly when we write, our ink might smudge as we continue to write, and it can be difficult to write in a straight line without lines on a paper.

Learning from A Southpaw Perspective

If you have right-handed parents, that can bring additional challenges. Having right-handed parents teach us how to tie our shoes, cook food with a spatula, or even do everyday tasks can be a challenge. I am the only left-handed female on my mother’s side of the family although I am lucky enough to have a left-handed aunt on my father’s side.

This may be unique to me, but I am able to use both hands pretty evenly. I learned how to write with my right hand as well (although it now looks like a 2nd grader’s handwriting instead of a kindergartener’s handwriting). This might come from balance through learning to play piano at a young age, which requires use of both hands. In fact, the right hand (of course) leads in piano. I play other instruments as well and spend a great deal of time typing as a doctoral student. I try as much as I can to keep in balance, whether that is being creative or logical, hardworking, or relaxing.

Why I Truly Like Being Left-Handed

Being left-handed has helped me to further appreciate the uniqueness that is truly me. Although my mother will joke with me and say I should write with the right hand, I say that left-handed people are the only ones in their right minds (left-handed individuals are right-brained and right-handed individuals are left-brained). I have found other left-handers to be unique people who are comfortable being different. We are all one of a kind in some way; this is something that is simply unique to me, and I am proud of it.

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