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Beginner’s Guide To Bible Journaling

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Bible journaling can be a fun and creative way to experience the word of God and let it transform your life in a new and refreshing way. The name, however, can be a little misleading for anyone who hasn’t heard of this before. To be honest, when I first heard the term, I thought of the typically journaling most Christians talk about. It brought to mind images of sitting at the kitchen table and sipping coffee, with bible and journal in front of me as I write whatever I feel God is speaking to me through His word. Bible journaling, though, takes place right on the pages of your bible and manifests in words and illustrations.

What Bible Journaling Looks Like

It’s kind of like when you’re in math class and you’re bored, so you doodle on the side of your notes. I almost feel bad using that comparison because it’s so much more meaningful and expressive than that. Bible journaling allows you to express the revelation of God’s word through illustration. It validates the creative parts of our personality and allows God to use it in way that glorifies Him.

What You’ll Need

Getting started is easy. Actually, you probably already have all you’ll need. First, you’ll need a bible. Any physical bible should do. However, a bible with wide margins would be best. Next, you’ll need something to write with. Most people who journal, use a pencil to sketch and then colored pencils, paint, or markers to create the image.

Start Journaling

Once you have all your materials, you’re almost there. Now, it’s time to find a quiet place to journal. You might want to start with praise or prayer, whatever helps you to be still before God. Next, find a scripture that means something to you. It can be your favorite go-to verse or just something that stood out to you while reading that day. Then let the inspiration flow and start moving that pencil. You might be surprised by what you create and how much more meaningful the scriptures become to you.

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