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Becoming A Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is the master of their destiny; this is both beneficial and challenging, as writing jobs exist everywhere, but freelance work is hard to attain. You need to know how to make a name for yourself to make it as a freelancer. Writing freelance as a hobby is one thing, but many people use it as their primary source of income. If you’re somewhere on this spectrum and want to know how to become a freelance writer, here are some starting points:

Brush Up

Know your stuff wholeheartedly. I know that this seems self-evident, but when it comes to making a name for yourself in the writing world, there’s no room for error. Brush up on your grammatical and syntactical skills and perfect them. You’ll be surprised at just how much it impresses people to be a good writer.


As a writer, you need to know how to sell yourself. You have to build up a reputation and get your name out there to be hired, so search for writing organizations and groups. There are many meetups and seminars for writers that take place in various locations, so look into ones that you can attend. Even if it’s a small gathering, it’s a start.

Build A Portfolio

You need to have examples of your writing. Online writing journals and magazines are a great way to begin, and there are multitudes of them. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get published in one, but you should submit as many as you can. Write, submit. Write, submit. Once you get pieces published, be sure to PDF them so that you can send them to potential clients in the future.

Create A Website

Once you have enough work in your portfolio, make a bigger name for yourself by creating a website. This is the perfect way to showcase your accomplishments and attract future clients and employers. It’s also an effective way to show what kind of writing you do, as there are different writing needs everywhere. Maybe you have one genre you stick to; maybe you’re multifaceted. Either way, this is your chance to show your stuff.

Freelance is an open book, which is both advantageous and scary. It takes a lot of work to get off the ground and make a name for yourself as a writer, but if you’re passionate enough about it, you’ll make it work. Whether you want to write on the side or make a career out of it, you call the shots in the world of freelance. Good luck.

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