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How To Balance Multiple Jobs & Stay Sane

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It seems almost necessary these days that to make a decent living and afford to pay your bills; you have to have multiple jobs. I graduated college last year, and I still have two jobs. The paycheck isn’t anything to go crazy over, but it does allow me to have a little wiggle room in my monthly budget. It’s also helpful to get both of those paychecks every week. But going from job to job without much of a social life or time for anything else can be exhausting. It’s not uncommon to be so overwhelmed or tired that you feel trapped or feel like crying. As somewhat of an expert at juggling multiple jobs, here are a few things that have helped me stay sane.

Me Day

More than a couple times, I’ve found myself working up to 18 days in a row. This can be very exhausting without any time to yourself. I like to schedule one day a month, usually a Saturday or a Sunday, all to myself. I won’t go to work; I’ll just focus on myself. Going to the spa is an excellent idea to treat yourself to a day dedicated to pampering yourself. You can also spend some time wandering around your favorite bookstore. If you’ve got more of an adventurous spirit, then find a great park or activity to do for the day. I’ll sometimes just lay around with my best friend and watch movies since spending time with her between jobs can be difficult. Whatever you do, make sure you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Shake It Off

Not every working day you have will be a good one. You may have one bad day or a few in a row. If this happens, you can’t take it personally. Don’t let yesterday’s bad mood continue into the next day. That will set you off on a string of bad days which won’t be healthy. Instead, when you get home after a bad day, make your favorite drink and put on a good movie or read a book. Do something that will make you happy and help you forget about the bad day you’ve had. Sometimes I don’t get home until 10 or 11 pm. Even though it’s late, I usually spend about an hour watching Netflix or reading just to unwind. Then, even after a bad day, I can spend some time doing something I love to help me forget the events of the day. Just do your own thing and forget about what happened at work; this will help you feel refreshed for the next day, no matter how crazy it is.


Sometimes, the trick to staying sane when you’re balancing multiple jobs is how you schedule them. If you book your work, one on top of the other, then you’ll feel exhausted and strung-out than you would like. I try to make sure I’ve got a couple of hours between jobs so I can take my time getting from place to place or have time to grab some food; this leaves you enough time to run errands or meet up with friends for a few minutes. Working two jobs in a day isn’t always fun, but it can be tolerable if you stay on top of your schedule and manage to squeeze in a little time to relax between jobs.

Let It Out

Yes, multiple jobs, as we’ve established, can be stressful; stay sane by releasing your frustrations. The physical action of venting about co-workers or the mountain of work you did that day can help you feel better about going back. While verbally venting to your best friend about your job can be effective, I do suggest something with a little more force. Go to your local thrift store and get a box of cheap, porcelain plates or something you can punch, such as a punching bag. Throw the plates at a wall or on the ground to let out that frustration. Set up a punching bag or a pillow case full of clothing somewhere so you can hit it repeatedly. It may seem violent, but it can be very therapeutic. If a co-worker or manager got under your skin, you could let out your frustration towards them in a way that won’t ruin your work relationship; do it with a friend so you can both help the other feel better. I can assure you; you’ll feel so much better once you’ve thrown an entire box of plates at a wall and watched them smash!

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