What Bailee Madison Taught Me About This Generation

The millennial generation has often been touted as the ‘me generation’: a generation that is self-obsessed, lacks ambition or drive, and aren’t often civically inclined. However this mentality is both rash and a generalized view of one of the largest generations to date. Beyond this, there are some young people, particularly young celebrities, which prove the statistics and grumblers wrong.

One of the most notable is 17-year-old Bailee Madison. She started acting at age seven, and has since been in thirty-three movies and shorts and fourteen television series. Of those fourteen television shows, she was a lead for five of them. She has produced two of the thirty-three movies she acted in. Madison has been nominated for twelve awards in total, winning four of them. She was also the red carpet host for the 2016 American Music Award Show.

More Than Just An Acting Career

Bailee Madison is also a national spokesperson for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation – a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness for childhood cancer.

Bailee Madison

Image Source: Bailee Madison

She is a member of the Creative Coalition Capitol Hill Delegation, where she is informed of pertinent issues so she could better informed and influence the community. She was among such actresses as Emily Osment, Troian Bellisario, and Jennifer Coolidge. As part of this delegation, she and others were invited to attend the 2015 White House Correspondent’s Dinner.’

What Has Madison Taught Us?

Many may say that one millennial doesn’t speak for them all, good or bad. However, I believe that Bailee Madison provides a beacon for others to follow in her light. Madison, at 17 years old, has accomplished more in her life than most have in the entirety of their lives. She has created a standard that other millennials, particularly those in the entertainment industry, can follow.

Madison demonstrates a poise, vitality, and determination that far surpass her years. She uses her fame to help those in need, through her social media accounts and the various charities and non-profits she spotlights on them.

Bailee Madison gives older generations a glimpse into the capabilities of the millennials; proof that they can be driven, and hard working, and civic-minded. She shows us all that, no matter what your age, it is always important to be kind and to be thankful.

As Bailee Madison says herself,

“A reminder that while we look at beautiful pictures that fill our timelines, we should remember to look within ourselves and not at ourselves. True beauty lives within us. Nothing is more beautiful, sexier, or trendier than a kind-hearted, giving, smart, and love-filled human being.”

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