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When Bad News Hits

Recently, I was hit with some bad news. I woke up one morning, after spending time with God in worship, to the news that my brother whom I live with had been in a car accident. The accident totaled our family’s only car.

Thankfully he was not severely injured and was able to leave the hospital within hours. The insurance company was willing to provide us with a rental car at a discounted price for a week. However, we would soon find out that the car would not be able to be repaired. The insurance company paid off the car, but we were left with nothing. We had no car and no money from the insurance company to purchase a new one.

Hearing the Bad News

Upon finding out about my brother’s accident, I quickly went to God in prayer and even reached out to some friends to pray as well. However, when hearing the news about the car, I immediately felt hopeless. I stood in the living room as my mother relayed to me the information and hopelessness washed over me like a wave. In fact, it was such a sudden feeling that I was easily able to realize how out of place hopelessness is in the life of a believer.

My Worship Response

Slowly, I walked away from the living room, not saying a word. Then I went into my room, closed the door, and turned on Do It Again by Elevation Worship. I began to praise God through worship. As I started declaring who God is, His power, and His faithfulness, I felt the hopelessness leave me. When bad news comes your way, there are so many ways you can react to it, but the best response is to praise God in worship. It shifts your perspective and reminds you of the truth of God’s word. Not only that, but our worship gives God room to step into our situation and change things for the better.

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