Bacon Recipes You Can for National Bacon Day

On December 30th, the Lord gave us National Bacon Day, and I couldn’t be any happier. Okay, there are probably other things that give me more joy than bacon (dogs, and more dogs), but I sure do love me a good strip or three of bacon. To get you more excited about National Bacon Day here are some cool facts about bacon.

  1. If you could guess who had the grand idea of cooking salted pork bellies and you were right, you would see a tag that says “Made in China.” That’s right bacon dates 1500 BCE making it the world’s oldest possessed meats.
  2. The first bacon factory opened in 1770 in England by businessman John Harris in the country of Wiltshire. It became a dietary staple and was usually dry-cured with salt and then smoked.
  3. Bacon grease didn’t go in vain. Back then it helped make explosives during the World War II. That’s right; “rendered fats create glycerin, which in turn created bombs, gunpowder, and other munitions.”
  4. You know us Americans like to be on top of things. Well, the average American consumes 18 pounds of bacon each year. But, note, I said the average! Bacon is in everything from serving dishes, candy canes, gumballs, and more! No wonder why we consume so much of it.
  5. There are a church and camp of bacon. The church of bacon has 13,000 members under the commandment “Praise Bacon.” The camp of bacon is held in Ann Arbor, Michigan where there is “speakers, cooking classes, and other bacon-related activities for chefs and enthusiasts eager to learn more about their favorite food.”

That’s all the facts I’m going to lay out here, but if you want to read the other seven head over to Mental Floss’s and read their article called 12 Savory Facts About Bacon.

Here are five awesome bacon recipes you need to try today!

  1. Breakfast Egg Cups
  2. Maple Bacon Brie Pull-Apart Bread
  3. Loaded Mashed Potato Bake
  4. Chicken & Bacon Pan-Fried Sandwich
  5. Bourbon Bacon Brittle

Here are 50 other simple things you can make with bacon. May you fill up on our beloved bacon today and work towards your 18 pounds of bacon a year. There are only two more days!

Let us know how you add bacon to your food below!

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