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Avoiding an Oily Face

We’ve all been there. You’re living it up at some glamorous social function, every bit the image of the young debutante, when you duck into the bathroom to check yourself out. Then you see it: your beautiful face, over the course of the evening, has become an oil slick. Your nose is shiny enough to put Rudolph to shame–a defcon 5 crisis. Now, I’m not usually one for antiquated advice, but the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” does have some merit. Check out the tips below to avoid and oily face!

Don’t over moisturize

I know everyone wants to gave soft skin so it can feel like rose petals or unicorn fur or whatever prose description is in the hottest romance book, but over moisturizing can do serious damage. All that goop will just end up clogging your pores, and the product will create a sheen on your skin that’s an awful lot like oil. If you’re going to do it, avoid products with petroleum and shea butter, as they’re very heavy and will do more damage than good. Look for ones that are non-acnegenic, as they’re less likely to contain ingredients that will cause pimples.

Wash it with luke warm water

Hot water will dry out your skin (as well as irritate acne) and cause it to overproduce oil to compensate. Try turning the heat down in your shower and splashing with cool water in the morning. This method should also tighten up the skin and reduce lines, so there’s really no reason to be exposing it to hot water.

Use blotting paper

Midday touch ups are actually pretty important. If you can feel your face getting oil, try to excuse yourself to blot it. If you let it build up, it’ll just get thicker and end up harming your pores. Most drugstores will have reasonably priced blotting sheets, and they’re a great alternative to carrying around cleanser everywhere to wash your face whenever you feel the situation escalating.

Drink more water

I know that almost every health issue seems to be preventable by hydrating, but trust me on this one. Water promotes a healthy complexion and stops breakouts by giving your skin the right oil to water ratio. Eight glasses a day can seem intimidating, so try starting out with three. When in doubt, just pour some water on it.

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