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    Why You Must Always Be True to Yourself

    Ever since we have been born, there will be individuals guiding us and helping us along this path we call life. Our parents, siblings, teachers, friends, and other family members can make suggestions and even direct us towards what might be best for us. However, despite what others may think of us, we must always be true to who we are.

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    How to Have a Balanced Life

    There are so many things that many of us must complete within our day. If we are not careful, we can let our dreams, aspirations, and goals consume our lives. Working and completing one endless task to another are not the only goals of life.

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    Why It Is Acceptable to Have Many Interests & Career Goals

    If you are an individual who has always been interested in multiple areas and even has many career goals, you are not alone. With everything in the world that you can learn, do, and try, it becomes compelling to want to try them all. In fact, it can be very beneficial to have a myriad of interests and career goals.

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    The Importance of Listening to Your Intuition

    When something or someone is right for you, it will energize you, excite you, and make you happy. You will gain energy instead of feeling drained. Consider this when you think about finding a mate, moving to a new location, or even changing your career path.

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    My Journey to Self-Love

    We learn the importance of loving God and even loving others. However, the most important lesson that we can ever learn is to love ourselves through self-love. Then and only then can we begin to live a life that is authentically designed for us, through us, and by us.

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    What I Would Say to My 20-Year-Old Self

    Has there ever been a time in your life when you wished that you could go back and tell your former, younger self some much-needed wisdom? Are there things if you knew them when you were younger, you would not have made that mistake? I can understand how you are feeling. In fact, there are a few things I would say to my 20-year-old self if I were given the opportunity.

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    What It Is Like Being An Empath & An Introvert

    One common thread within us all is that we are all human and desire to have self-fulfillment and love. When you are an empath, you not only hope to have this for yourself, but for everyone in the world. When others are happy, you are happy. And when they are sad, you can feel their pain. This can sometimes put us at a disadvantage as others can take us for granted.

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    How to Balance Work & Play in Your Life

    Life is filled with endless tasks that we need to accomplish throughout our day. In fact, if we aren’t careful, we can end up feeling as though our entire lives are spent crossing off a checklist. However, for life to be more balanced, we must learn to incorporate both work and play.

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    How to Trust God When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

    We all have certain things we are hoping and aspiring for within our lives. We hope to find true love, to accomplish our dreams, to live and make beautiful memories, to have families, to get married, and to live the seemingly impossible dream. But what happens when life does not go as planned?

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    Inside the Mindset of A Creative Person

    The world is full of endless possibilities. When you are a creative person, what looks mundane and gray to others is filled with vivid colors. You can tap into not only what is but what can be. The world becomes your oyster when you have the mindset of a creative person.

  • Magazine, Parenting, Spring 2017: The Easter Issue

    Why You & Your Partner Should Adapt Your Own Parenting Style

    If you are anything like me, you fell for your mate because you two have differences that were attractive to you. After all, opposites do attract! This may not always be the case, but I am sure that in some ways that you and your partner are different. When it comes to parenting, this can be another area where you differ. That is why it is important for you and your partner to adapt your own parenting style.