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  • Food

    Why You Should Love to Cook

    Many people within my generation either don’t know how to cook, love to order takeout every night, or are best friends with their microwave. They do not dare go by the stove top or oven. And the only time they eat a home-cooked meal is when they visit their parents or grandparents on the holidays.

  • Relationships

    Why Communication is Key

    Lately, I’ve noticed something strange in the way some people communicate with others throughout society. A person will greet someone saying something like “Hey, how’s it going”, and the other person will respond with “Hi, how are you”. Neither person will answer each others’ questions. But will continue on with their conversation or go on with their day.

  • Living, Tech

    How We Should Use Technology Today

    In the modern times of today, technology has become a major aspect of society’s progression into the future. Technological advances shape how we live our lives, bring new ways we can do things into our lives, and continues to improve life on Earth as time goes on.

  • Education, Millennials

    Why You Should Do More Extracurricular Activities on Campus

    On the typical college campus, many extracurricular activities await students who want to excel. Students can join a club of their choice for experience in a certain field. They can make some extra cash working a work-study position. Students can even receive a research project from their professors or help with an event held at the school. The opportunities are endless!

  • Brief History Of, Inspirational

    A Brief History of Action Sports

    Life doesn’t always present us with heart-pounding excitement. Living can sometimes turn dull or boring, and this can get under our skin quite a bit. When living becomes safe, repetitive, or stale, we as human beings need some risk, adrenaline, and danger to remind ourselves of how fragile life can be.

  • Relationships

    Why You Should Be in Love in a Time When it’s Unpopular

    How it is to be in love; magical isn’t it? The feeling of seeing the one you love smile. The joy of simply being with them. The ecstasy of knowing you love them and that they love you. It makes you wonder how someone could not want to be in love. In today’s time, it seems as though many people of the new generations do not favor love. Instead, they believe we should go around and play the market, breaking hearts left and right.

  • Education

    Why You Should Study Philosophy

    What job can you get with that degree? Almost every philosophy major has heard this question before. When asked, I always like to remember what my ethics professor used to say. You don’t study philosophy to get a good job. You study it to live it.

  • Life, Living, Millennials, Tech

    Ethics Over Likes

    Some individuals find social media to be precious. Networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter create the possibility for users to make a profit online easily. Users can turn their account into a business. They can use their profiles for advertisement as well as a way for achieving celebrity status.