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    The Science Behind Cold Brew Coffee

    With summer approaching, you’ve probably heard the term “cold-brew coffee” a hundred times by now. But besides tasting remotely like iced coffee, you may not be aware of what cold-brew coffee is. It would be easy to dismiss it as a trending, more expensive version of iced coffee. Cold-brew, however, is an entirely different type of coffee, which is mostly due to its brewing process and resulting taste.

  • Culture, Life, Millennials

    The Ultimate College Guide to Finals Week

    The week of triple shot lattes, quality time spent at the library, and excessive amounts of flash cards are approaching. Whether you’re observing from a distance or already clutching a Red Bull, this advice will help you through the week. Welcome to the ultimate college guide to finals week.

  • Home, Living

    The Nature of Succulents

    Has anyone else noticed that succulents are everywhere these days? Whether they’re in antique pots or geometric terrariums, succulents are invading home decor one cacti at a time. So what is it that makes these plants so popular?

  • Culture, Travel

    Travel Cheap: Inexpensive Housing Options

    Looking to travel, but trying to save money? Housing is one of the largest expenses of your trip, so finding inexpensive lodgings for your stay is an easy way to travel cheap. Here are a few reliable options for housing that will cut your expenses and give you a safe, clean place to stay.

  • Culture, Life, Parenting

    The Importance of Family Dinners

    How often do you pause in the midst of your busy week and sit down to a home-cooked meal? In our fast-paced society, family dinners often fall short of the top priorities list. With kids at sports practices, spouses working late, and the actual task of making dinner at hand, it can be hard to find the motivation for hosting family dinners.

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    Tip for Dieting & Weight Loss

    In today’s society, diet plans and weight loss tips are everywhere–whether you are looking for them or not. So what about this particular dieting and weight loss tip is different? Perspective. That’s what’s different. Here it is, the ultimate tip to dieting and weight loss.

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    Cooking with Kale

    With kale being the dominating superfood in today’s society, you might wonder how this leafy vegetable became the “new spinach.” After all, kale is a bit more robust and earthy than other greens. Why, then, is everyone suddenly obsessing over cooking with this vegetable?