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Mari Mason

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    Rom-Coms for Valentine’s Day

    No Valentine’s Day is complete without a host of romantic comedies to warm your heart and wet your eyes. Whether you prefer a little more romance or a little more comedy, these five movies are destined to provide the cherry to a perfect Valentine’s Day. Grab some popcorn, pop open the bottle of wine, and…

  • Budapest-Hungary
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    5 Cities For Your European Destination Checklist

    Everyone’s heard of the huge European destination cities that attract all of the tourists – Paris, London, Madrid. However, there are several hidden gems in this continent that can put some of the larger areas to shame. Without the crowds of eager tourists and the inevitable let down after the hype, you’ll find yourself surrounded…

  • Winter Boredom
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    How to Overcome Winter Break Boredom

    In any situation, boredom can cause you to pull your hair out. However, winter break boredom is particularly worse. A lot of TV shows are taking a break for the holidays. Many are suffering from seasonal depression. Your friends and family may have even taken a trip this year, leaving you to fend for yourself. Whatever…

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    6 Helpful Teas & Their Uses

    If you’re a tea drinker, then you know that there’s a type of tea to cure just about any ailment. That is, those that don’t require stitches. Along with warmth and sweetness, medicinal properties are among the benefits of a good cup of tea. If you’re unaware how incredible tea can be, take a look…

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    American Horror Story – Seasonal Ranking

    American Horror Story: a television show that allows you to enjoy classic horror movie elements from the comfort of your couch. This show has brought its audience everything from murdering twins to aliens, while maintaining its status as an anthology horror series. Each season is its own miniseries, and can stand on its own from…

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    3 C’s To A Healthy Marriage

    The secret to a healthy marriage is the Holy Grail of those who have recently said ‘Yes!’ or ‘I do.’ Everyone wants to know how to make it to his or her golden anniversary, and still be happy about it. Well, it’s about time a little light was shed on the matter. Let’s review the…