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    Recreational Social Activities to Recommend in Your City

    If a new colleague who started working in your company recently, asks you to recommend some fun social activity to do in your city what would you say? Do you have a list of such recreational activities on the top of your head? Most of us, who have been living in one locale for a considerable amount of time have activities that we enjoy doing and are ready to divulge that information.

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    A Day in St. Andrews, Scotland

    St. Andrews is a small town on the eastern coast of Scotland; it is best known for the oldest golf course, conspicuously called “the old course.” In recent times St. Andrews has been widely talked about in the media because Prince William met his bride, a fellow St. Andrews University alumnus, while they were attending college together. A day in St. Andrews is bound to involve an array of beautiful sights.

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    Are We Too Smart for Ad Campaigns?

    “Just Do it” is the simple but daring advertisement slogan of the shoe apparel company Nike. We have been going out and “Just doing it” for decades now. Business statistics and revenue numbers attest to this fact. So why are we so reluctant to admit that advertisements work? Or rather, quick to claim that we are not affected or persuaded by ads.

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    A Day in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    I had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam several times while I lived in Germany. Around 2 hours by train from Dusseldorf Germany, Amsterdam was within convenient reach for me to go on weekend expeditions. A city with many memorable historical significance mirrored by its attractive architecture and the many museums.

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    Learning with the Feynman Technique

    If Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schrödinger are the poster boys of quantum mechanics, then Richard Feynman is the unanimously heralded spokesperson for it. At least in the physics community. Feynman was the Nobel Prize winner in Physics for his fundamental work in quantum electrodynamics in 1965. Future generations will remember him as the father of…

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    A Day in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

    An easy 1.6-mile round trip hike from the area near Bryson City presents two waterfalls. One, the 60-foot high Tom Branch Falls, a spectacular sight where you can take a dip in the soothing water.  A bit further from the Tom Branch Falls is the 25-foot Indian Creek Falls.

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    A Day in Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston is perhaps the most historic city in the United Sates. The place where the American Revolution ensued. Subsequently, the significant Bunker Hill between the Patriots and the British erupted, which ultimately inflicted much damage on the British and led to their evacuation.