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    The Art of Comics by A Sketch Artist

    The lore of superheroes is widely acknowledged in comics. With hundreds of superheroes with varying degrees of superpowers emanating from places like Krypton and Atlantis to Gotham, the allurement is indispensable. Therefore, millions of fans have adored their favorite hero in the form of comic books for decades.

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    A Day in Brisbane, Australia

    Its unique Queenslander architecture represents much of the city’s heritage. This city has also hosted several prominent international events including the 2014 G20 summit. If you had a day to spend in this sunny, breezy and busy city down under, here are some suggestions.

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    Carbon Emission From a Subcontinental Perspective

    The hurdles are much more prevalent in developing countries. The Indian subcontinent is attempting to increase its renewable energy production with the ambition of becoming independent of coal reliance in the future. But India can’t achieve this goal without help from the developed countries.

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    A Day In Hamburg, Germany

    The Northern Pearl is what the locals call their city Hamburg, Germany. With a population of 1.7 million people, it is the second largest city in Germany. Situated on the Elbe River, Hamburg radiates all the charms that are associated with a port city. Additionally, many streams and canals merge into the river providing an aqueous splash to its vibrancy. More than 2,500 bridges connect the banks of the various waterways which amount to more than Venice, Amsterdam, and London combined.

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    How Does Your Daily Routine Compare to That Of Benjamin Franklin

    Being organized is an essential attribute for any professional; therefore, productivity and efficiency are often tied to organizational skills, regardless of what may be accomplished. Moreover, any entrepreneur would point to a rigorous routine of well-organized execution as one of the keys to success. If you are looking for inspiration to become organized and set a routine to follow, Benjamin Franklin is an ideal source of motivation.

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    A Day in Brussels, Belgium

    Belgium was originally Dutch speaking but has shifted to French as the main language since the 19th century. Although Brussels itself is bilingual and you will quickly notice that all the street signs are posted in both languages. So what can you do if you have one day to spend in Brussels?

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    Overton Window

    The Overton Window outlines a border within which a range of political ideas are deemed acceptable by the public. Originally put forth by Joseph Overton while working for a think tank organization in Michigan. He describes this concept as any political opinion contained within this window can be implemented by a candidate with aspirations to gain or stay in public office.

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    A Day in Edinburgh Scotland

    Visitors coming into Edinburgh would have read and heard about Edinburgh Castle. This magnificent historic castle, no doubt, is the crowning attraction of the city. But let’s begin with the street that takes you up to the castle entrance.