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    Hot & Spicy Food Day Recipes

    I love hot and spicy food. There is nothing like the rich warm aroma that encroaches you inside out with the tantalizing spices in an Indian curry, or just a little drizzle of homemade chili and rosemary infused oil to give your wood-fired pizza the je ne sais quoi.

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    Fashionable Hats to Wear Today

    “One must always wear a hat when lunching with people whom one does not know well,” observed Coco Chanel, “because one appears to one’s best advantage.” The couturier’s regard for the power of hats reflects dignity and attractiveness upon the wearer stems from a long historical tradition. In addition to its practical uses — warding off the effects of harsh weather or an enemy’s assault, for example — a stylish hat has always made a statement of rank, elegance, or self-esteem.

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    Beautiful Kites to Fly Today

    Today its national kite flying day so it’s a great idea to get outside with your friends and family to go and fly a kite. There is nothing like the beautiful sight of a sky filled with these colorful silks flying high in a blue sky on a Sunday afternoon.

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    Apricot Recipes to Make Today

    There are few things more delicious than a hunk of fluffy fresh white bread with a scrape of butter and a great deal of golden-yellow apricot jam on top. Pair this with a cup of coffee and shut your eyes and you’re in the south of France!

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    3 Spaghetti Recipes to Make Tonight

    These nasty cold winter days call for comfort food, and there is no better comfort food than Spaghetti. Everyone loves a big piping hot bowl of delicious pasta either simply coated in butter or with some seafood extravaganza dripping all over it.

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    Eggnog Recipes to Sip on Today

    There is nothing quite like the smell of nostalgia at this time of the year. Family traditions and childhood memories play a large part of what becomes our expectations and annual rituals in our households, and it’s a beautiful thing, the different vices that people have around Christmas. If its baking cookies, singing carols together or perhaps sipping a festive drink.