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  • Faith

    Are You Prepared for Christ’s To Return?

    As a Christian, there are so many signs showing that Christ will soon return. It is true no one knows the time or day, but there are still so many signs that foreshadow Christ return. In life, God gives us the things that we need to nourish the body and the soul, and it is up to us to use them.

  • Inspirational, Life

    Do People Complain Too Much?

    Complain is defined as an expression of dissatisfaction or annoyance about a state of affairs or an event. Many people go through life forgetting what they do have and complaining about what they don’t. No one has a perfect life there are always going to be some problem and challenges.

  • Culture, Current Events

    Is Dating A Thing Of The Past?

    In this day in age if you want to have a social life it is pivotal to ask is dating a thing of the past? With social media and online dating, it really has made the natural dating experience a thing of the past. Online dating sites are not only limiting the experience of natural dating but make dating harder.

  • Life, Relationships

    Is It Better To Be Successful Or Happy?

    When it comes life is it better to be successful or happy? Is it possible to have both? With life having so many debates about what makes someone happy it’s a mystery to the answer. Its true life is a beautiful thing, but also has so many struggles it can be hard to put on a happy face.

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    Can Music Be Inspirational?

    A lot of times people get inspiration from music because it puts them in a good mood and gets there mind off of things. There is so much research and theories on how inspirational music is and how it helps to heal the body and soul. It can also help to inspire us to be better in our profession.

  • Culture, Current Events

    The Most Influential Celebrities of 2017

    The word influential is defined as having the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior or someone or something. As the end of the year is closing there have been so many things to consider. This year has had so many ups and downs that have changed the world forever.

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    The Most Paid Professions

    When it comes to finding out what profession you want there are so many things to take into account. First thing is to pick a profession that you’ll be good at. Secondly is to pick a profession that you can see yourself doing for a long time. Third pick a profession that will be able to give you the lifestyle you desire.