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    Injury & the Importance of Recovery

    Some people find it difficult to give up their gym routine even when they have an injury. Day in, day out, people push themselves in spite of the pain. But, admirable as it may seem, this is a horrible decision to make for long term fitness.

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    Water & Metabolism: Importance of Drinking Water

    The supplements market is crammed full of pills and shakes mixes that claim to “boost metabolism.” The claim has become a bit of a buzzword in terms of fitness terminology, but rarely are these claims substantiated. Instead of wasting time on questionable substances, go with the tried and true metabolism booster: Water.

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    Dieting: Ways to Control Appetite

    One of the major issues with losing weight is controlling your appetite. Even with proper exercise and commitment with dieting, moving away from your established eating schedule and usual portions can put a strain on your efforts to lose weight. Here are a few methods to your control appetite, and shed pounds to attain your ideal shape.

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    This is How to Stop Spending Money

    Payday is the best day of the week until you realize how much of that money is already gone. Groceries, memberships, Netflix, Internet, and bills galore each take their share of your hard earned money. Some costs are unavoidable, but there are ways to stop spending money. Here are just a few.

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    Becoming a Better Basketball Player

    Basketball is an exciting sport to play and a fantastic cardio workout. While the more laid-back individual might just be content with some high-quality exercise, the competitive desire to play well will likely drive even the most casual players to improve. Here are a few tips on how to become a better basketball player.

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    Carbohydrates: Why You Shouldn’t be Afraid of Them

    A major fitness fad that has been trending for nearly two decades is that of cutting carbohydrates from your diet. Numerous fitness programs portray carbohydrates in a negative light and set up systems to curb the intake of these nutrients. Subscribing to the idea that carbs are unhealthy is dangerously ignorant, and could hurt your body in the long run. Here are a few reasons why you should never be afraid of carbohydrates.

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    Back Muscles: Three Important Exercises

    Taking care of your back is important, and failing to do so can make life difficult. Strengthening it lets you get more mileage out of the muscle group, and prevent nagging injuries in the future. These three exercises can are perfect for building muscle and preserving structure in your back.

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    Four Ways to Make Cardio Fun

    Cardio is often maligned as a necessary evil. Most people dislike the idea of running on a treadmill or climbing a stair-master for thirty minutes. But these are not your only options. Here are four ways to spice up your routine, and make cardio one of your favorite parts of the day.