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April Oleson

  • Faith

    Different Ways To Be More Intimate with God

    God desires to spend time with us. Isn’t that amazing! The Creator, our Heavenly Father, our Lord, desires our time. Often we don’t give Him any of our time; coming up with excuses on a daily basis. Excuses like, I’m too tired, I have things to get done, etc. Whatever the excuse, God will always…

  • Living, Tech

    Are You Obsessed With Your Phone?

    In today’s age, we have technology when it comes to all parts of life. You can talk to and give commands to cell phones, TV’s, Fitbit watches, and other electronic devices. But, when does the interest in technology turn into obsession? Kids as young as six-years-old have cell phones at their disposal. I remember when…

  • Career & Money, Living

    Making the Transition to the Real World

    School life and the real world are two very different things. Sure, you might be a part of the real world during college by keeping a job or living off campus; but once you fully emerge in the real world, school life sounds pretty nice. All through college, I worked to earn extra money during…

  • Faith

    Praying When You Don’t Feel Like It

    I am not the greatest person at praying. I tend to forget to pray a lot and the only time I remember to pray is usually when something goes wrong. I don’t know why it is easier to pray when something is wrong. Perhaps we look for help and then we remember that we can…

  • Culture, Life, Living, Wellness

    Signs You’re Way Too Busy

    We live in a hectic and busy world where everyone seems to be going at a fast pace every day. Breaks are scarce and the stress is high in most all of our lives. However, what is a sign that you are just way too busy? I am guilty of this as well. I work…

  • Living, Wellness

    Post-Grad Depression

    After graduating from college, I had a hard time adjusting to the every day life that everyone else faced. College, for me, seemed almost like paradise. The only thing I hated in college, of course, was the presentations I had to give. In college, I loved studying and sitting in class. I know I was…

  • Faith

    When God Says No

    When we ask God for something, He usually has one of three answers. Yes, not yet, or no, I have something better in mind. This was a hard lesson for me growing up. Especially when it came to dating. I never really dated in high school. There were a few times I went to a…

  • Career & Money, Living

    Repaying Student Loans

    Like many young adults, I have student loans. In high school I made slightly above average grades that didn’t land me a scholarship. However, I am not ashamed of having student loans either. Granted, I would love to not have the burden of student loans but for me, it is just a dream. After graduation,…