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    Blonde or Bust: How to Safely Bleach Your Hair

    There is something so alluring about bleaching your hair. Stripping away, the color can bring out a completely new person, and if you are looking for a huge overhaul to your look, then it will definitely do the trick. Such an extreme process is not without its risks, though, and if you do not go…

  • Relationships

    How to Help a Grieving Friend

    Sometimes I think the word “grief” is  counterproductive; everyone grieves so differently that it seems foolish to label it under one big umbrella. Because of this, it can sometimes be difficult to comfort someone who is going through it due to a discrepancy in the way you both experience it. For some people, it helps to wallow in…

  • Culture, Entertainment, Music

    When Social Media Becomes Too Much

    If you ask ten different people their opinions on social media, you’ll get about thirteen different answers. Personally, I find the attitude of “technology ruined everything it’s witchcraft things were better when we wrote on stone tablets” attitude that a lot of people in my parents’ generation have unbearable. Because of technology, we can do…

  • Culture, Life

    Being a Leader

    Nowadays, there’s so much rhetoric about taking initiative and being a leader. It’s a lot of pressure, particularly on young people. Everyone is told that they need to be a leader to stand out from the pack and establish yourself as dominant, but when you insinuate that the only way to be is in charge,…

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    Greatest Girl Groups

    Generally, I do not consider myself a very angry person. I think that anger is often a useless, default reaction to issues that can be solved in ways that are more constructive. With all that being said, the second I hear Justin Bieber’s boy voice pouring out from the radio, I become possessed with what…

  • Culture, Life

    Living Spontaneously

    When I sit back and think about it, sometimes it’s hard for me to comprehend that there are people who don’t live spontaneously. So many of the decisions I make are on the fly according to what I’m feeling at the moment–I can’t imagine living so rigidly that I would have stopped to evaluate everything before making them….

  • Home, Living

    Things You Can Clean In The Dishwasher

    In the fall, I’ll be moving into an off campus apartment with two of my best friends, and I’ve already started counting down the days. Something that’s a huge perk to living there (besides no neighbors and not having to share a bathroom with about fifty other people) as opposed to in the dorms is…

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    Surviving Family Gatherings

    “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” This German proverb is often misused to infer that all familial relationships are superior to friendships because they involve blood connections. The true meaning of the saying can be interpreted the exact opposite way–it implies that bonds willingly formed (covenants) are stronger…

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    Embellishing Eggs

    Contrary to popular belief, I was not born the egg expert I currently am today. When I was younger, I used to dread having to eat them for breakfast, because my mother, a middle aged white woman, rarely did anything to season them. She expected little me to accept my eggs as runny, flavorless pieces of…

  • Beauty, Glam

    Maintaining a Manicure

    Manicures are one of life’s little luxuries. For a half hour, you can sit back in a posh chair, be waited on hand and foot (literally), and get your nails painted without the fumes or mess of a DIY job. Life’s not always as smooth as a pair of acrylics, though, and sometimes that shiny…

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    When Tolerance Isn’t Enough

    I absolutely abhor the concept of tolerance. When you tolerate something, you put up with it despite how inconvenient it may be. I go to school in New Hampshire, so I tolerate the cold; I have a roommate, so I tolerate having little privacy; most of the classes I need to take are early, so I tolerate having to wake up before…