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Why You Should Attend A Big Music Festival

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We are living in a golden age of concert going in this country. The emergence of the vast variety of large festivals has given music lovers a wide range of options regardless of location, atmosphere, and their sonic pallets. I started going to Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH in 2012. Since then, my friends and I have made it one of the centerpieces of our year. The crowd, the various food vendors, the 60 bands over the course of three days, and the proximity to home make the event an absolute must see the spectacle.

Coachella provides a wide variety of popular and indie based acts on two different weekends in Indio, California. Rolling Loud Festival in Miami, FL is a three day festival with huge names in Hip-Hop music. Regardless of your taste, there is a festival for you and more than likely one that won’t force you to travel across the country. However, that research will depend on your musical taste. I’m here to tell you why music festivals are a necessity to the avid concert goer.

The Value

Okay, yes tickets are expensive. But it is also expensive to see most headlining bands with only one or two opening acts. Festivals allow you to see hours of music that would be the equivalent of years’ worth of concerts for a reasonable ticket price. You will pay more than your average concert at your local outside amphitheater, but you will get an experience way beyond the typical show.

Variety/Exposure to new bands

With festivals having closer to 100 acts rather than the standard 2 or 3, you are bound to find a lesser known band that can make it onto your Pandora or Spotify playlists. I have found several bands that I have seen on their tours after seeing them at a festival and giving them a chance. An open mind will go a long way in expanding your horizons. How many times do you need to hear the new Taylor Swift song anyway?

The atmosphere

Rock on The Range puts thousands of like-minded people in one place. Horror stories surrounding mega-bills such as Woodstock have put fear into some looking into big festivals. I’m here to say that you will find a much higher number of people to bond with than those who will cause any trouble.

Music lovers will find a festival experience rewarding because concerts are about more than just the songs. It’s about the atmosphere, the venue, and the energy. Artists can say that all shows mean something. However, artists are feeding off the energy, off of the massive crowds of the festivals and are putting on some of the best shows of their lives.

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