Are Birds Good Pets?

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So, you ask yourself if birds are a good pet. Are they good for me and my children? Do they carry diseases? What is the best variety of pet birds?

Do Birds Make Good Pets?

Can you imagine having the sounds of spring right in your living room? It can happen since most of the sounds of spring involve birds singing.

But does that mean you want to keep a bird as a pet? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide if a bird is right for you.


  • Birds are lively they make your home feel alive and busy
  • Birds are colorful
  • They are always doing something



  • Birds can be noisy
  • They are not a cuddly pet.
  • They are delicate. You won’t be able to let your kids play rough with them

Birds Take Some Special Care

Birds need wing clipping if they are going to be loose in your house. Some people think this is immoral, but it’s better than being in a cage. And birds you get at a pet store are raised with regular wing clipping. But if you object to wing clipping you may want a smaller bird that does prefer a cage. This kind of bird includes finches that live in groups. This kind of bird lives in smaller areas and doesn’t crave human interaction. Do make sure you get a larger cage than the birds need.

Birds need a cover at night. Make sure you cover your birdcage at night. Especially if the room they are in is busy or lit at night.

So What Kind of Bird?

If you have decided that a bird is right for you, it’s time to pick a bird breed. Don’t just run to a local pet store and pick up a bird. There are many kinds of birds. Decide by how you want your bird to interact in your household. Do you want a pet that hangs out with you and your family? Do you want a little bird that is fun to watch or sounds pretty?

Here Is A List Of My Top Five Birds

5. Hyacinth Macaws are big, friendly and fascinating birds. They have some drawbacks. They can live 50. That is a good long life, but you need to make plans for having your bird long term.

4. Parrotlet these little birds are friendly and active. Like a big parrot only small and easy to care for. The disadvantage, these birds need to be kept busy, with lots of toys and interaction. They can revert to a wild bird if not properly socialized

3. Zebra finches, these little birds are perfect if socialization isn’t your top priority. The males have a beautiful song. They can live alone or in colonies and if they have a large cage they don’t need to be let out to fly. Interaction is easy these birds love to nest so provide plenty of material and watch them build.

2. Cockatoo’s love attention. Give them plenty of love and they will love you back.

1. Parakeets—especially the males— are my number one because they are the perfect combination of birds that can entertain themselves and those that love attention. They are playful and friendly.




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