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Apps That Can Help You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

With the start of a new year comes resolutions and goals to do better or be better, try new things, start new hobbies, finish what was started the year before and other things. Though we all start out feeling so positive and hopeful about our goals and resolutions, we also know it’s not easy to stick to them.

Fortunately for us in this age of smartphones and tablets, there are apps and websites that can help us track, manage, and stick to our resolutions. Take a look at some of these apps below.


If your resolution is to be smarter with your money, this app is for you. Mint helps you manage your personal finance. It allows you to put all your information in one place so you can see the whole picture and stay updated with your finances. It also helps you create budgets and track expenses. The Mint mobile app is free for iOS and Android devices.


If you want to save more this year, you can check out Digit. Digit analyzes your spending habits and moves small amounts from your account to your Digit savings account. It basically sets aside some of your money for you. Of course, it only transfers what you can afford so you don’t have to worry about not having any left in your bank account. You can also access your Digit savings anytime you need to. Signing up for Digit is completely free.


If you want to work on your productivity this year, Evernote can help you with that. Evernote is essentially a productivity app that lets you create notes, set email reminders and save documents, images, websites and more. You can keep track of your goals and save ideas, photos, and practically anything that will motivate and inspire you to keep going. Evernote is free, but if you want more features you can go for the premium version.


If you want to be more organized, you can probably use a smart personal assistant like 24me. It’s similar to Evernote and lets you create notes and lists. It includes a calendar and lets you set reminders. It allows you to link your social networks, banks, service providers and utilities, and then sends notifications about your accounts and if you need to pay bills – something you can also do directly from the app. 24me is free for iOS.


If your goal is to meditate more or be less stressed, this app can do wonders for you. Headspace is a simplified meditation app so it’s perfect for people who are new to the practice of meditation. The app features 10-minute sessions and daily challenges, and shows your daily stats, too. Headspace isn’t free but you can go for the 10-day free trial to see if it’s something you’d like.

Eat This Much

If you want to eat healthy, try Eat This Much, which can help you create a meal plan based on your weight goals, what food you like, your budget and schedule. The app is free to use for your daily meals but you would have to purchase a subscription if you want weekly or monthly plans.

7 Minute Workout

If your goal is to be fit and to workout more, you can start with this app, which features workout sessions that only take seven minutes. The concept for the app is backed by science and the workouts consist of bodyweight exercises, so you can do them anytime and anywhere. The app is free for iOS and Android.


If you’re looking to start a habit, this app can help you by letting you track how you’re doing everyday. It lets you choose up to six tasks that you want to turn into a daily habit and every time you complete a task, the app shows you your “streak.” If you miss a day, your streak resets to zero. You can use Streaks to track your resolutions everyday until it turns into a habit. The app costs $3.99 on the iOS app store and the creators are currently assessing the interest for an Android version.


Have you tried any of these apps? What do you do or use to help you stick to your goals and resolutions? Tweet us @deliberatemag or share with us in the comments!

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