An Open Letter To Parents

This is an open letter to current, new, and soon to be parents.

Shonda Rhimes wrote it perfectly in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, “that’s how the world changes: good people raising their babies right.” Now these days we see kids into all types of bad things. Drugs, sex, rape, theft, murder, the list can go on. Doesn’t it make you wonder where we went wrong? Is it the child’s fault or is it the parent’s fault?

This world is so corrupt. It’s surprising how many people there are out in the world who intentionally want to hurt another person. You hear all this talk about how life is not how it was back then. That men and women don’t act the way their ancestors did? Is it because we’re young and naive or is it because somewhere down the line parents stop teaching their kids how to be a good person? To all the parents, newly parents, and soon to be parents out there, raise your kids right! Stop babying them through every step of their life. Learn how to discipline them when they’re wrong. Teach your sons to respect girls, and teach your daughters to respect themselves.

The world would be a better place if parents weren’t so caught up in their lives, careers or whatever it is that is distracting them from raising their kids to be a good, honest, and respectful human being. If we had more good people raising their babies right we wouldn’t have to see in the news about how a boy went on a killing spree because he felt reject by girls. Since when does being reject justify in killing someone? This is the very reason why women are so afraid to walk to their cars in parking lot, or to look a random stranger in the eye because he might think its her giving them the okay to hit on her.

The honest truth is, that whether you’re a girl or boy you are going to get rejected! This doesn’t mean you should throw a hissy fit and kill the some or drive or go to a public place and open fire. The question that pops up in my head when I see headlines like this is, where was the parents? I can’t stress how important it is for parents to raise their kids right. Teaching them what is right and wrong. It’s not about comforting them with a gift or reward when they act up. It’s about telling them to get their act together and act like they got some sense. It’s about teaching them that the world doesn’t owe them anything. It’s about teaching them when to say yes and when to say no, and that rejection is part of life. It’s about teaching them to RESPECT each other!

Respect is the issue we have in this world. We as human beings think we are owed things. The truth is, no one is entitled to anything they didn’t work for. This isn’t only an open letter to men in the world but to women as well. Men need to learn fast that women don’t like to be treated as property and women need to learn to stand up for themselves and learn how to say no.

If we all took a moment to think about others well being, maybe there wouldn’t be so many headlines of shootings, kidnappings, hate crimes, etc. WE NEED TO RESPECT EACH OTHER. We are all equal to each other. It doesn’t matter who you are, how much money you have, what your occupation is, or who your parents are. We all want to be respected, and we all need to give it as well. The next time you have the opportunity to do something right, do it! Let’s see how doing good will change the world, because it all starts with good people raising their children right.

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