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Accept Your Body After Baby

Accepting your body after having a baby is one of the most challenging things we must overcome as a woman. There is so much social stigma associated with slimming back to our pre-pregnancy figure. Society is relentless when judging us and associating our not-so-youthful appearance to being “mom bods”. Let’s examine ways to accept the fact that you just aren’t that little girl anymore.

Embrace Your Shape

Most times your shape is much curvier in a variety of places after having a baby. Sometimes the voluptuous state is welcomed and other times, not so much. However, no matter if you enjoy or dislike your newfound figure, you are still you. You also just created a miracle and participated in the continuity of the human race, and there is no need to be so down on yourself. You are a rock star and your new body is like an award!

Appreciate Your Assets

You should appreciate what you have and not just embrace it. For me I always refer back to the little miracle I created. My body nor my life will never be what it was before I had my children. We don’t walk through our days suggesting we wished life went back to before we had kids. Sometimes we long the absence of peace and quiet or adult entrees, but we don’t hate our children for what life is with them in it. We definitely shouldn’t hate our bodies either!

Accept The Extra

The biggest relief I ever felt was accepting those little extra bulges, creases, or stretch marks from having babies. Even years later when my youngest child is toddler aged, I still find myself scoffing in the distance at this oddly shaped body. There are times when I am down and out and hate the way certain jeans feel or how a shirt doesn’t fit anymore. I try to check myself in mentally in these most vulnerable moments. I re-frame my thinking and do something for myself. So instead of purging my emotions over clothes that simply don’t flatter me and my new shape, I go buy new ones! You can justify this because we wouldn’t squeeze our bundles of joy into clothes that didn’t fit them properly, and why should we be made to do the same? It is amazing how different you feel about yourself when you are wearing appropriate clothes.

Cleansing Diets 101

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My goal as a woman and mother is to achieve a healthy and strong body. I strive to achieve health and stability in my muscles and refrain from worrying about my weight or the size of my pants. It is an amazing sense of freedom, and I no longer feel bound to what society says is acceptable. There is a part of me that tries to listen to how I feel and determine my goals accordingly. I don’t skip out on that chocolate chip cookie or pasta for dinner. I indulge in all that life has to offer within reason. My goal is to never forbid myself, but to limit the not-so-healthy things and balance those. Living healthy can be as different as you and I, and you are the only one that can determine what is best.

Learn and accept your body after baby.

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