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9 Ways To Wear Skinny Jeans

Lian Jonkman

Being “in fashion” or trendy skinny jeans are not going away anytime soon. The style looks great in any season, they’re easy to match with other pieces and easy enough to take from day to night. There are many ways to style your skinnies, but here are our favorites nine ways to amp up your skinny jean game.

Go Super Casual  

Throw on your favorite white tee and sneakers or your favorite sandals, and you are all set. Choose a different colored tee or even a graphic tee to add a pop of color or art. You can also add another layer of a denim or plaid shirt.

Feel Cool & Chic

Choose a soft button-down long-sleeved shirt and any comfortable footwear, be it loafers, ballet flats, or sneakers. You can also wear heels if you like.

Look Like A True Girl Boss  

Show them who’s boss with dark skinnies, a blazer, and heels. This combo is perfect for the office or an informal business event. You can also choose lighter colored skinny jeans for a more casual vibe or even white jeans for a clean, minimalist look.

Get Comfy & Stylish

Get warm and cozy with an oversized sweater or cardigan over your favorite skinny jeans. Complete your look with either heels or flats; either way, this look is ideal for slightly cool weather.

Take the Sexy Route

Elevate your skinny jeans outfit with stilettos or strappy heels. This look is perfect for brunch with friends or a date!

Get Fly & Edgy

Boots or booties go so well with skinny jeans because they complement the fitted silhouette nicely. It doesn’t matter whether you choose ankle boots or high boots. If you’re going for a sexy look, you can try stiletto boots!

Throw On A Leather Jacket

Your staple leather jacket can elevate just about any outfit, so you really can’t go wrong with wearing them with your skinny jeans. It gives you a rock chick vibe and keeps you warm and comfy, too!

Style It With A Tunic Or A Short Dress

Tunics are pretty versatile, so it’s no secret that they go well with skinny jeans. Tunics can give you a lean and long look. If you don’t have a tunic, you can use a short dress instead.

Make A Statement

When you’re wearing skinny jeans with a long jacket or coat, you don’t have to worry about looking overwhelmed by the jacket. During warmer weather, you can choose a long vest for that same vibe.

The great thing about skinnies is that you can just throw on with any top and footwear. You can try the different styles above, mix and match or combine styles.

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