5 Workout Videos To Do This Week

These workout videos will be your new personal trainer! As the holidays start closing in and our mouth start to salivate on all the dishes we’ll eat during Thanksgiving and Christmas it’s important that we stay fit. Who said you can start your fitness journey before the new starts. These workout videos will make you feel like you’re not working out. I’ve picked out my 5 favorite workout videos for you to do this week from Monday – Friday. Let’s get fit before the new year!


BeFit’s FLIGHT: Full Body Dance Flow Workout by Sydney Benner

Blogilates’ Pop Pilates Intense Ab Workout

Tone It Up’s Love Your Total Body Full Body Follow

Popsugar’s 10-Minute Strong and Fierce Total-Body Blast | Class FItSugar

Popsugar’s 15-MInute Core Workout to Transform Your Body | Class FitSugar

Let’s get fit with these workout videos this week! After trying these workout videos let us know which is your favorite!


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