5 Ways to Save Money at Whole Foods

Whole Foods the ultimate shopping experience. They have a variety of organic, vegan, gluten, and dairy free options that many grocery store don’t. This premiere grocery store has everything you want, but it comes at a cost. Who says you have to break the bank at Whole Foods? Here are 5 ways to save money at Whole Foods.

Ditch Loyalty

It always feels more comfortable to buy a product when we are familiar with the brand. People have yet to understand that the generic is always the exact same product as the brand name, just sold for a lower price. Whole Foods has its own brand called 365 by Whole Foods. It provides all the natural & organic grocery items you want, but at a lower cost!


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Get Mobile

You create an account to access app-only exclusive coupons. It’s customizable according to your local Whole Foods. It provides you with daily and weekly sales that you should take advantage of! All you want to do is scan the app’s bar codes at checkout to save big bucks!


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Buy in Bulk

Stores like Costco are known for saving you money by buying large quantities. Doing so is 30% cheaper than buying one box or can at a time. You can buy as much or as little as you need. This is perfect for testing out new items without wasting money. If you pick the right items to buy in bulk, you can save a fortune! Instead of buying a bag of prepackaged trail mix, make your own nut mix at Whole Food’s bulk section! They sell rice, grains, flours, beans, cereals, dried fruits, and nuts just to name a few.


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Avoid the Prepared Meals

Most of these meals are the same price as eating out at a restaurant. Save your money by buying the ingredients and cooking at home. The salad bar doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you remember to fill it lightly. The meals are priced by weight, so load up on light ingredients like lettuce and veggies.


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Necessities Only

Haven’t you heard that you should never shop on an empty stomach because you’ll buy everything? The same theory goes for grocery shopping without a plan. At home, make a list of what need. Then highlight what you can only find at Whole Foods. Like to grind your own nut butter? That luxury is specific to Whole Foods, so you know you have to buy it there. Leave items like toilet paper and common junk food for Wal-Mart or other stores that have cheaper prices.


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