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5 Ways You Can Wear Flats This Year

With many of us still stuck in winter, it’s hard to imagine being able to wear flats anytime soon. Snow. Wind. Freezing cold temperatures. I’d sooner wear an uncomfortable pair of boots rather than risk having my feet freeze or step in ankle deep snow with a pair of flats. And as much as I love my boots, there are times when I would like to wear my flats instead.

Throw on a pair and off to work or out on the town I go. But sometimes I find myself wondering, how can I wear my flats? What else can I pair them with besides jeans or straight leg dress pants? Can you wear flats with a skirt? What about leggings? Are socks allowed? I don’t want to wind up looking like Rachel Berry in Glee with her loafers and knee socks; not everyone can rock that look. Here are five ways you can wear flats this year!

D’Orsay Flat

Image Source: J Crew

Like the ballet flat, the d’Orsay flat offers a more pointed toe and some come with an ankle strap design. The d’Orsay flat is versatile; you can wear them to work or on a night on the town. You can pair them with jeans, skirts (most d’Orsay flats are paired with a maxi skirt), or a pair of ankle length dress pants. Feeling a little bold? Check out these adorable leopard print d’Orsay flats from Charlotte Russe.

Lace Up Flat

Image source: Pinterest

Another way to wear flats this year is to wear the chic lace up flat. Lace flats are a perfect way to dress up any outfit, though I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to the work environment. However, for a night out on the town or running errands, they are perfect. You can pair them with skinny jeans or a cute summer dress.

Ballet Flat

Image Source: Fashion Lady

A third way to wear flats is, of course, to wear the classic ballet (ballerina) flat. The ballet flat is versatile, they come in different styles and colors. But there are times when a ballet flat can seem almost…basic. However, a good ballet flat can dress up any outfit. I’m a fan of wearing them with straight leg dress pants for work, but they also work quite well with a good legging. Check out these fabulous ballet flats from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse).

Flat Boots

Image Source: Pinterest

A fourth way to wear flats is to wear a flat boot. Yes, it may be boot season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear boots that have a heel. You can wear them with a dress or cute skirt, or you can wear them with a stylish pair of skinny jeans.


Image Source: Glam Radar

My favorite type of ‘flats’ are loafers (such as Sperry’s). As a fifth way to wear flats is to wear loafers. While somewhat old fashion in style, they are making a comeback because of newer designs and styles. They can be worn to work or a casual night out, or to spend a comfortable day running errands.

Day or night, work or play, flats are an absolute must have for every woman. They are comfortable and stylish, and can become the ‘statement piece’ in your wardrobe!

What are your favorite flats to wear? How do you wear your flats?

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