5 Underrated Beers You Need To Try

Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy – Benjamin Franklin

This quote has been disputed since its emergence on many internet memes. Regardless of the contention regarding his words, this seems to sum it up quite nicely. Growing up in the Midwest, my idea of beer for the formative years of my life was a nice cold Budweiser on a humid day. Drinking in the garage with your buddies is usually one of the classics. Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Coors Lite dominate the landscape all across the country.

The emergence of the craft beer movement has been fantastic for beer drinkers with a more expansive pallet. It has given some dignity to beer that usually was only reserved for spirits and wine. Most restaurants now offer a wide variety of craft brews on tap as well as bottles and cans. One of the perks of travel is to get to see each region spin on these types of beer. This list is designed to give you five beers that fly under the radar that may be worth a try on your next trip to a restaurant or bar.

Cougar by RhineGeist 

Anyone who knows me knows my love for this Cincinnati brewery. I could give you five unique selections just from this brewery alone. This blonde ale has opened the door to my new obsession with blondes. Just beer, though, to my lovely brunette fiancé who surely is reading this.

Sundog by New Holland Brewing 

If you love to BBQ, this amber ale is perfect for your smoked meats. A sweet beer with a bitter finish that balances perfectly with a nice rack of ribs or a brick oven pizza.

Eliot Ness by Great Lakes Brewing 

Another amber ale and another from my home state. It’s got a little less of a bite than Sundog and is great with any BBQ.

90 Minute IPA by Dogfish Head Brewery 

This one is an acquired taste due to the strong punch of different flavors. If you allow it to grow on you, it’s a great tasting beer that gives you some bang for your buck.

HELL OR HIGH WATERMELON by 21st Amendment Brewing 

This will be the most polarizing selection on the list. With the emergence of Redd’s line of fruit flavored ale, this one tastes better than all of them. It’s worth a shot, you’re Redd’s Green Apple, and Bud Light strawbaritas aren’t going anywhere.