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5 Simple Tips to Update Home Décor

Many people like to keep their home décor current by following the latest recommended trend, but these changes occur too often. For the majority of individuals, updating a home requires too much time, energy, and frustration since the latest trend seems more like a fad.

Instead of chasing the newest style craze, these 5 tips will help preserve your personal design tastes for decorating whims from sixties mod to modern farmhouse.

 Stick With Neutrals

Permanent household finishes work best in neutral color palettes. Thing such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles, and bedroom furniture are difficult and expensive to replace. When choosing neutral colors, this design tip helps to relinquish the power style craze updates can have on your budget. Working with simple textures and colors makes it easier to transition from trend to trend. Modernizing a room can be as painless as adding a pop or color or animal print accent, and/or transforming spaces from old-fashioned to contemporary.

Don’t Keep It In Storage

Repurpose, Reupholster, and Rubbish. Clutter is one of the many pitfalls that can age the feel of a home. Items that are sitting in the back of the closet or overwhelming shelves and cabinets can be used to update your home in the latest trend without spending too much money. Accent pieces can be reupholstered or painted to freshen a space.

Additionally, some unique décor items can be used in new ways. A collection of older paintings throughout your home can be repositioned into a gallery with modern additions, such as mason jars and wall decals, to assemble a renovated design arrangement.

Ditch The Dread Of Clashing

One decorating misconception is that furniture, décor, and accent pieces need to match in color, style, and trend. This tip is the easiest to implement in your home décor because it is as easy as mixing the old with the new. For example, when purchasing a new kitchen table, there is no need to buy new bars stools to match. Allowing contrast in home décor provides a complexity and depth to any space, which presents a welcoming appearance in the room.

Let There Be Light

Since home trends fluctuate often, a simple way to change the appearance of a room is to ditch the window treatments. Drapes and curtains can restrict natural light, which preserves an out-of-date room. The majority of new construction is build with the intention of an open concept, so enclosing windows eliminates the airy and fresh visual of a modern space.

Alternatively, using curtains in a modern print can accentuate a beautiful window or set of French doors, as long as the natural light is free and able to fill the room.

Play With Paint

Finally, a home décor tip that helps to update a room is adding a splash of paint. This tip can be time-consuming, but the benefits of freshening a space with a trendy palette can transport a home-built decades ago into the modern style era.

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