4 Classic Wardrobe Essentials

Everyone’s closet looks di erent, as our clothing is a re ection our unique interests and personalities. In addition to the diverse pieces in our collection, there are four essential pieces everyone should keep in their wardrobe to make putting together that out t of the day quick and easy.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is one of my favorite staple pieces to own, as it literally looks good with everything. It adds that rock- er-chic edge to any casual day out t and is easily transmittable into evenin- gwear. On a chilly night out, throwing a classic black leather jacket over a party dress for that night of dancing, or over a dinner dress for that romantic date will keep you feeling warm and looking chic.


The best kind of shoe to wear all day without having to change back and forth from heels to ats are boots. A signature boot has the ability to look good with any out t choice; whether it be a dress or a tee and jeans combina- tion. Having a good pair of sturdy and stylish boots makes stomping the pave- ment and traveling around town easier with its show stopping practicality.

Casual dress

Having a simple dress that can be dressed up, down, or worn as is, is one of the most valuable pieces you can own. Sometimes we just need something to throw on with a jacket and a pair a shoes before heading out the door; dresses makes that process instant.


I have to admit that everyone needs a good pair of comfortable jeans that t like a glove. A pair of denim jeans whether they’re ripped, high-waisted, printed, vintage, etc. will be your go-to when putting together out ts for each and every season. Denim has the ability to look good on everyone and owning a signature pair is essential.