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Stylish Winter Workout Gear

Let’s be honest, some of us don’t enjoy working out while some of us love to. Regardless, the one thing we can all agree on (I hope we all do) is that we want to have the best and stylish gear. Now I’m not saying deck out in sparkles and a full face of makeup. No one should ever go to the gym with makeup. One, because it’s not good for your face, and two, because it makes you seem like you’re there for a fashion show and not to get your sweat on. If you’re conscious of how your face looks you can alway sport a cute hat. The question that should be ask is what are doing for your workout? We’ve come up with stylish ideas for hiking, spinning, running, and a regular gym time outfit. Now there shouldn’t be any reason why us ladies don’t get off our tush and get active! And if you’re contemplating whether you should workout like I did yesterday (FYI: I lost that battle) just think of how stylish you’re going to look while sweating away!


The Stylish Hiking Outfit

The Stylish Spinning Outfit

C9 Champion® Women's Running Tights $13.98 - $27.99

C9 Champion® Women’s Running Tights $13.98 – $27.99

The Stylish Running Outfit

The Stylish Gym Time Outfit

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