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3 Ways To Have An Empowering 2017

The clock is ticking to secure your New Year’s resolution. It’s time to forget about 2016 and embrace the New Year filled with fresh starts. So many of us choose a New Year’s resolution that diminishes our self-worth, such as losing weight or exercising more. These resolutions only tear you down, which fuels your chance of failure. It’s time you focus your energy on a positive, meaningful mindset instead of the size of your jeans. If you want to set an empowering tone for 2017, follow these 3 tips.

Stop Saying Sorry


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Have you ever instantly muttered the word sorry when someone bumped into you? As if you didn’t stop to think to yourself if their accident was your fault. In the New Year, stop saying sorry for every miniscule thing that happens. It shows you are a people pleaser. Don’t apologize for speaking your mind. Your voice matters. Instead of worrying about others, focus on yourself. Make you the number one priority. You can’t put out your best self if you don’t. Feel free to continue saying sorry when you do make a mistake.

Be Alone But Not Lonely


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Spending time alone is crucial for your growth. In order to accept who you are, you must learn to love being alone. People that can’t stand to be alone are really saying they don’t like themselves. Socializing is equally as important as going on solo adventures. Society lets us believe that doing things alone is embarrassing. Don’t fall down that path. Take yourself on a movie date or eat dinner in a restaurant by yourself. The more you are alone with your thoughts, the more you can love yourself.

Be Honest


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You can’t feel empowered if you’re not staying true to yourself. Don’t hesitate to tell people how you really feel. Life is too short to hide your honesty. It can be hard to remain honest when disappointing others or looking selfish can result. Spend the New Year keeping honesty in mind as you live your life. Ask yourself if your actions and choices are due to your emotions, ideas, and desires or someone else’s. If the answer is the latter, make a change. Being honest with others will feel freeing.

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