3 Gift Ideas for Tech Aficionados

The holidays are nearly upon us, and last minute gift hunts are sure to happen. It’s a difficult time of year, especially when you aren’t quite sure what to get for your techno-phile friends and family. Technology can be difficult to keep up with, and complicated to understand.  So, here are three gift ideas that the tech aficionados in your life are sure to appreciate.

Virtual Reality

VR has moved beyond being a science fiction trope. Several Virtual Reality headsets have been created for practical work applications, fitness, gaming, and virtual travel. The technology is improving constantly, therefore some packages include full-body motion in the VR experience. It’s an excellent source of entertainment, and isn’t too expensive. Macy’s, Walmart, and Target have pretty solid deals on VR headsets and equipment. Higher quality options like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are more expensive, but are the cutting edge in VR technology.

Home Assistant Tech

A personal electronic home assistant can be a fantastic gift of convenience. Home assistants use voice commands to play music, access the internet, and turn on linked devices in the household. The device usually takes up about the same amount of space as a lamp or clock, and requires a plug-in. The Google Home and Amazon Echo are two great examples of home assistant technology.


Smartwatches provide similar functionality to a smartphone, but in a smaller package.  Smartwatches tend to include a variety of apps and built-in GPS function. Some smartwatches can even emulate a cellphone entirely as a standalone device. This makes them perfect for runners and fitness minded individuals who are tired of smartphones bouncing around in their clothes.  The KeldD Karavan, Apple Watch Series, and the Huawei are three prime examples of smartwatch technology.

Just A Few Bits & Pieces

These are just a few pieces of tech that could be perfect gifts for the holidays, but there are some many more options. If you’re struggling with gift ideas for a photography lover, then this article can give you some great ideas. Also, be sure to research some of the latest innovations and gadgets through tech-focused sites like Cnet. Happy holidays, and best of luck in your shopping!