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2017 Movies That We’re Looking Forward To Most

Who doesn’t love a good movie? If done well, they inspire…they excite…they amaze. They teach viewers how to fall in love, how to be brave, how to dream. They create an experience – dark theater, vat of buttery popcorn, ice-cold soda. Take a look at these 2017 movies that are going to create the experiences we’re most looking forward to.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

The original movie, revolving around a motley crew that found themselves saving the universe, earned $163 million over its budget domestically, and $603 million nationally. Following in its predecessor’s success, volume two is sure to earn the box office millions and give the fans exactly what they’re looking for.

This 2017 movie has everything you could possibly ask for: action, comedy, romance, and baby groot. Set to the second mix tape that the Star Lord’s mother left behind, this blockbuster is sure to thrill the masses.

Prepare yourself to be hooked on all the feelings for this trailer.

Get Out

This 2017 movie speaks to a lot of issues this country is currently facing: racism, elitism, and the fear of one man from another. The movie starts out as a typical nervous ‘meeting the parents’ encounter. A black young man is meeting the parents of his rich white girlfriend. We ease into the plot, feeling as if the neighborhood is a little creepy, but not altogether dangerous.

That is, until another African American warns the lead actor to ‘get out’. This is where things take a downward spiral for the young couple in love. This horror movie, inspired by The Stepford Wives, is set to terrify everyone, no matter the color of their skin.

See just how scary this movie will be through the trailer, here.

Wonder Woman

There has never been a more appropriate time for a movie to come out featuring a woman superhero. This 2017 movie has everyone, men and women alike, eager to be entertained and awed. As the first movie in a while that features a female superhero lead (Catwoman, anyone?), this movie is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The mix of Amazonian warrior, saving the world, and incredible armor is making everyone itch to buy their tickets.

See how wonderful Wonder Woman is yourself in the trailer.

Beauty and the Beast

This third live action remake of a Disney original is causing quite the commotion among diehard fans. However, this  2017 movie is more than just a retelling of a classic tale; it’s an opportunity for everyone to see whether they trust these producers with their hearts.

We have heard the stories of Snow White and Cinderella, time and time again. Whether in the original form, or with added twists and turns, fans are familiar with these remakes. However, there has not been a true attempt at a remake for many of the other films, and many believe it is past time for the endeavor to be acted upon.

Discover who could learn to love a beast with the trailer.

Justice League

Reunited and it feels so good. We have not seen a live action Justice League movie in our time, but this movie is set to excite those who live and breathe Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and those who are not quite sure of their purpose.

We have an all-star cast entering the scene, back stories for most of the characters assembled, and are even attempting to make Aquaman cool.

Take a look at this comic book come to life in this trailer.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Based on the New York Times bestseller book written by Diane Ackerman, this 2017 movie is based on a true story and gives a glimpse into the efforts of a zookeeper and his wife to save thousands of Jews during WWII.

With actors such as Jessica Chastain and Daniel Bruhl, this movie is designed to reach down into the heart of the story and draw out the brave tell of this husband and wife. Make sure you’re prepared with tissues, and a reevaluation of your own value as a decent human being.

Catch a preview into this heart-wrenching story.

Whether you’re more interested in the superhero blockbusters, or the stories that strike at the heart of what we know, purchasing a ticket for any of these options will lead to a satisfied customer.

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