2017 Interior Design Trends: Smart Homes

Smart Homes have been on the rise for quite a while. With Alexa, Google Home, Nest Thermostat, and iHome app, more and more people are converting their homes to be smart friendly. Our lives are always revolving around technology. If you didn’t know already, some cars now have WiFi in them; yes, you read that right. With Toyota adding a charging dock to their cars we will also see furniture and other ways to enable charging docks in homes. Here are three of the many smart home items that will be added to smart homes this year!

Charging Furniture

The IKEA SELJE nightstand charges your phone just by placing it on the cordless charging device. All you need is a phone that can charge wirelessly or add a VITAHULT charging cover to your phone. Now there won’t be any reason why you wake up with only 20% battery because you forgot to plug in your pesky charging cord in your phone before bed. This makes keeping your phone charge simple and gets rid of the messy wires you see lying under a nightstand or behind a desk.

AI/Voice Assistants

Amazon Echo has been around for a while now, allowing homeowners or smart home users to have their very own voice assistant for a whopping $200 or so. The Echo and Echo Dot not only play your favorite tunes and tell you the forecast for the day or week but also make mornings easier. Smart home devices like the Echo can turn on the lights, start your coffee pot, turn down your thermostat, and play your morning jams all with a simple command. I’m not sure if these devices are making us lazier or more efficient, but it doesn’t hurt to have your coffee brewed and ready to serve when you walk in the kitchen.

Decor-Friendly Tech

The Nest Thermostat replaces your bulky thermostat, smart door locks replace the traditional lock with its sleek design, and advanced home security systems not only let you see who is at your front door but what is going on in your house when you’re not there. All these decor-friendly tech gadgets are making homes look more sleek and modern while making your life simple. I’m not going to lie, the last thing I want to do when I’m freezing in bed is to get up to turn the heat on. Devices like Nest Thermostat let you control your thermostat from your phone. What is even better is “companies like Samsung and LG are making an increasingly diverse range of looks and models.”

Some might argue if converting their homes into a smart home is beneficial after all the cost and installations, and one might argue why the cost and installations are worth it. Whether you are for it or not, I believe this trend will only increase in popularity through the years. On top of its popularity, industry professionals believe that “smart homes will soon be able to distinguish homeowners and family member by their heartbeats, fingerprints, or other biometrics.” How cool is that! Smart Homes are one of the many interior design trends that will be on the rise in 2017.

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