2015 Fall Trend: Bold Colors

Who doesn’t love Autumn? I have to admit, fall is my most favorite time of year! The main reason – cooler weather. Don’t get me wrong, me and summer are tight, we like each other; me and fall love each other. My other favorite part of fall is the fact that the leaves are changing colors. The green landscape is suddenly sprinkled with oranges and reds and browns. It is a beautiful sight. During the fall season the outdoors call to me; they beg to be admired and enjoyed and I always give in.

I come from the Deep South. Our tendency here is to decorate our homes for every single season. During the fall season there is a draw to make the inside of your home as warm as the outside. Typically people grab a few straw pumpkins, leaf garland and some fall scented candles. I am not saying there is anything wrong with those methods but how about take a different approach during this season?

2015 has brought with it some bold color trends. “Marsala” is the declared color of the year and this happens to be perfect for the fall season! It also has cousin colors that fit great with the season as well: Rich Chocolate, Golden Yellow, Burnt Orange and Lipstick Red. Do you want my suggestions? Instead of going for the standard “place around your house” fall décor, choose a bold color or colors to warm up your home and inspire your creativity.

Here are some practical ideas:

Pops of Color!


(Courtesy of Mizell Floor Covering and Interiors)

If you’re like me and don’t want to go through the hassle of changing your furniture or wall color, use small pops of color around your space to add warmth. This coffee table is an example of an easy way to add warmth to your space. If the piece you have is sentimental and you are hesitant to cover it with paint, opt for hitting up a few yard sales on the weekends. Typically, yard sales are full of small, odd pieces of furniture like side tables or coffee tables. Grab one that can use a facelift and slap on some paint, easy as that! If you want to skip the sanding and pre-paint work, add 2 tablespoons of plaster of paris to you paint. This creates a chalk type paint that will allow you to skip the sanding. It is super forgiving so slap on a coat, allow it to dry and slap on another one; and by slap I mean just that. The chalk paint will go on rough but dry smooth, it is perfect!


Pretty floors!


(Courtesy of Mizell Floor Covering and Interiors)

If you are anything like my friends, you have a beautiful rug in almost each room of your house. Another easy way to add warmth during the fall season is to purchase a seasonal rug. It does not have to be the nicest and most expensive rug seeing as it will only be down for a few months out of the year. Shop around! Check all the home stores in your town to see what all is out there! It is one statement piece that adds a ton of warmth to your space! You will ‘Wow’ your guests for sure!


Have a seat!


(Image Source)

Need an excuse to buy new furniture? Fall is the perfect excuse. A gorgeous sofa can make a huge statement in your space. If you are in love with your sofa and cannot imagine a different one in your space, go for something smaller like an accent chair or love seat to add warmth to your space. Of course, some of you may be in love with your pastel floral sofa. If that is the case, none of these warm options will suit your space but can I give you some advice? Pastel floral is no longer in style… maybe it really is time for a change!

Things to throw around!


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Poufs are all the rage. They are perfect for extra seating or just as a pretty accent piece in your space. You can use them as an ottoman or even a table for those of you who like to eat in the living room and let’s be honest… who does not? Grab a couple at one of your local shops; they are typically all over the place. Once again, go with a color and pattern that fits in your space but try to choose a warm color to coordinate with the season! Pillows are also another easy way to add color and warmth to your room. Pillows are probably the easiest change to make to your space. They are fairly inexpensive and easily accessible!

Of course, there are many more ways to warm up your space including paint color and art. At the end of the day, it is up to you! Go with what makes you happy and helps you enjoy the season. It is a beautiful time of year. Let’s make the insides of our homes as warm and beautiful as the outside! Happy Decorating!


Let us know which tip is your favorite. If you have any of your own we’d love to hear it below!