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The 10 Things You Should Never Send via Text Message

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When it’s comes to texting, what’s the one thing that drives you crazy? What annoys you the most about someone when they text you? Are the texts too long? Too short? Filled with too many lols’ and emojis? Texting has given us an open door to communication, while also allowing us to close the door on communication. Texting has made it too easy for us to not have an actual conversation with a person. Instead of calling someone up to ask how their day was, we send a text instead. When we don’t feel like going out, it’s too easy to send a text saying “Sorry, something’s come up and I can’t go out tonight.” Texting has also made relationships more difficult and tends to get people in trouble.¬†Send mom and dad any awkward texts recently? What about grams?

The problem with texting is that it has become impersonal. It’s an nonverbal communication, so you can’t see the other person’s face or reaction to what you’ve sent them and vice versa. The other problem with texting is miscommunication. Because you can’t hear or see the other person, it’s easy to misconstrued what someone has said. I’m someone who is big on face to face communication. I need to be able to see your reaction, and I definitely need to be able to hear your voice.

When it comes to texting, there are things that are okay to say and do, and then there are things that are not okay to say and do. Today I’m breaking down the 10 things you should never send via text message:

  1. Break up with someone – This is a definite no. How hard it is to have a face to face conversation to discuss the end of your relationship?
  2. Cancel a date – For that matter, send me an e-mail!
  3. Deliver bad news – Need I say more?
  4. Send sensitive or private information – It’s just as easy, if not easier, for your phone to be hacked
  5. Bring up serious concerns – Again, face to face conversations are best in this situation!
  6. Spew sadness – This is known as angry or emotional texting so put down the phone and back away!
  7. Spread gossip – You never know when that message will come back to haunt you
  8. Continue a fight – You just have to have the last text, don’t you?
  9. Long, one sided diatribes – We’re all guilty of sending those long, drawn out texts. Especially when the first five don’t get answered because how hard is it to answer a text?! Don’t do it. Just make the phone call, even if you have to leave a voicemail.
  10. Asking someone out – Passing a note in class was cute. Sending a text? Not so much.

The point is, texts are great when used properly but in all honesty, face to face communication is always best!

What’s the worst text message you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below!

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