10 Morning Routines To Help You Start Your Day Right

Not all of us are morning persons and it can be quite a challenge not to hit the snooze button in the morning so we can stay in bed for a few minutes longer than we really should. I’m sure we each have our own way of overcoming that challenge, but it can never hurt to know of a few more things we can do in the morning to kickstart our day.

Here’s a list of simple activities that can help us start the day right and achieve the right mindset for the day.

Take ten minutes to meditate or pray. As soon as you wake up, take the time to be still and to meditate or pray. Focus on your breathing. Meditation clears your mind and calms your whole being. After this you’ll be ready to take on the day.

Tip: If you’re afraid you’ll fall asleep, on most phone you can set your snooze time. Set your snooze time for 10 minutes and once it’s been 10 minutes after you pressed snooze you know it’s time to get up.

Do five minutes of free-writing. Grab your journal or any piece of paper or notebook and write down whatever comes to mind. You can write down how you feel at that moment, the things you’re thankful for, or you can even list down what you want to accomplish for the day. Don’t censor or edit yourself and just let your thoughts flow.

Move your body. Energize your body by doing yoga exercises, some quick stretches, or even a quick workout. Get your body moving to shake off the sleepiness or sluggishness. A little exercise in the morning can really boost your energy levels and get you up and ready for the day!

Get some sun. Open the window shades and let the sunlight in or better yet go outside and soak up some rays. Basking in the early morning sun is one way to jolt your senses awake and tell your brain that it’s time to start a new day.

Listen to some music. Kickstart your day by listening to your favorite track. Think of it as your personal soundtrack to pump yourself up for the day. You can set the track as your alarm or you can listen to it while getting ready or on your way to work. Choose whatever gets your blood and spirit pumping for the day.

Take a cold shower. A cold shower first thing in the morning is a refreshing way to wake yourself up. And, since a shower is followed by getting dressed, the whole process programs you to be ready for the day.

Make your bed. Doing a little tidying up, even when it’s just making the bed you slept in, can help you get into a good mindset for the day. The few minutes you spend making your bed can help you be more organized internally so you’ll know where to start on your to-do list.

Drink a glass of water. Like everyone else, you’re dehydrated when you wake up, so get a head start on your day by hydrating with a glass – or two – of water. This simple act can kick your energy level up a notch.

Eat a healthy breakfast. Having a good breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and gives you much-needed energy for the day. A healthy breakfast also helps you avoid snacking on unhealthy munchies before lunch.

Greet your loved ones a good morning or tell them “I love you.” Start your day with love and joy. Wish the folks you live with a good morning and tell your loved ones that you love them. If you live on your own, call or send them a text. It may not seem like a big deal but this seemingly small gesture can serve as a reminder of the good things in life and can help you get through the day.


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