• Fashion

    Does Brand Really Matter?

    Does brand really matter? Whether it’s clothing, food, or technology, do people really look at the brand? Most of the time, when shopping people look at brands. When people say brand is
    important to them it’s because the quality is better. But when people don’t care much for a brand, it’s mostly because they feel like it’s the same thing. Both sides definitely have good points.

  • Inspirational, Life

    Inspiring Quotes About Happiness 

    Happiness is a simple word, but for some reason, our society finds it difficult to achieve. Everyone around us is looking for happiness in money, relationships, or their next career move. However, happiness is only as challenging as you make it. You can find the bliss in life at any given moment.

  • Living

    10 Airport Hacks You Should Try On Your Next Flight

    Do you enjoy traveling? Do you sometimes forget something while traveling? Don’t worry. Here are some helpful airport hacks that you should try on your next flight. For example, you can make sure to place a few Ziploc bags in your luggage to put away any snacks or liquids before you head into security.

  • Living, National Days

    Popcorn Recipes You’ll Wish You Tried Sooner

    Today its national popcorn day and a great idea to try one of our unusual popcorn recipes to stimulate the grey matter! In the USA, popcorn became a big ritual and part of lots of festivities including quilting bees and barn raising. In cabins and homesteads, corn could be popped in the fireplace. Seasoned with grease or butter and shared with family and friends.


    Winter Workouts That You Will Actually Enjoy

    Due to the cold weather, it can be difficult to stick to your regular workout routine. The temptation of staying in and watching re-runs of Friends seems way more enjoyable. Not to mention opting for catching up on some much-needed sleep before work. Besides, many of us prefer our beauty sleep over early morning cardio any day.

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