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    Spring Cleaning Checklist

    My seasonal allergies are in full swing, so that must mean spring is coming. With that comes the obligatory annual spring cleaning checklist. The timing is right, and your mood is elevated thanks to the fresh sunshine, but cleaning is, as always, a chore. Have no fear, as I’m here to help. Here are a few shortcuts to assist you with your cleaning regimen.

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    Top Five Films of 1997

    Nostalgia takes up about ninety percent of the internet. We love to look back and rediscover the things we loved in everything from music, movies, and fashion. Last week, I decided to look back a decade at the best films of 2007.

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    Trim Board: How to Install it in Your Home

    DIY projects can be challenging, especially ones involving home improvement. The costs magnify every mistake; a foul-up during a paint job or floor installation can empty your wallet in record time. Installing wooden trim board can be the worst of the worst. Paint has to be edged around it, baseboard cuts can be difficult, and misalignment means a room can look crooked.

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