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    Fashionable Hats to Wear Today

    “One must always wear a hat when lunching with people whom one does not know well,” observed Coco Chanel, “because one appears to one’s best advantage.” The couturier’s regard for the power of hats reflects dignity and attractiveness upon the wearer stems from a long historical tradition. In addition to its practical uses — warding off the effects of harsh weather or an enemy’s assault, for example — a stylish hat has always made a statement of rank, elegance, or self-esteem.

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    Why I Waited Until College to Date

    I used to think love was like in the movies. Seriously, I thought love came in grand romantic gestures like building a house for someone or giving them the last float off a sunken ship drifting in cold water or watching them sleep for hours just because you want to see their face like that, so blissfully content and at peace.

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    Martin Luther King Jr. Day & Why We Celebrate it

    Today is Martin Luther King Day. The federal holiday is observed on the third Monday of January each year. Dr. King’s birthday is January 15th. The holiday was first observed on January 20, 1986. President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in 1983, however, it took three years before it was observed. In 2000 all states began observing Martin Luther King Day. 

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    Why 2018 Is A Good Year For Music Lovers

    Deliberate Magazine brings the best in music this year. As if we needed another reason to be inspired by music. However, music lovers have a lot to look forward to in 2018. Between major artists collaborating, new world tours, and movies starring all of our favorites. 

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    Beautiful Kites to Fly Today

    Today its national kite flying day so it’s a great idea to get outside with your friends and family to go and fly a kite. There is nothing like the beautiful sight of a sky filled with these colorful silks flying high in a blue sky on a Sunday afternoon.

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    Dress Your Pet Up With These Adorable Outfits!

    A pet is not just a pet; it is a part of the family. The responsibilities that come with caring for a pet may be endless, but the number of benefits that pets provide may outweigh those. Pets require an investment of time and money, but they also improve physical, emotional and mental health. A responsible pet owner ensures that the environment that he/she provides the pet is safe and appropriate along with appropriate food, shelter, and water.

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